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Suicide help
If You Know Someone in Crisis

If you're having any suicidal thoughts, please seek help immediately. Talk about what bothers you and what can be done to solve the problem. also if you need help to overcome Depression , heartbreak , failure , stress : You can call one of the following numbers: These are free. and you can keep your name hidden.

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If You Or Someone You Know Is Having Thoughts Of Suicide, A Prevention Hotline Can Help


Suicidal thoughts

Suicidal thoughts involve a person thinking about ending their own life. However, there is no universally accepted definition of the term “suicidal ideation” in the medical community. Some people say that suicidal ideation involves actively planning suicide, whereas suicidal thoughts do not necessarily indicate a person has the intention to end their life.


*Talking calmly with them in private and expressing care
*Taking what they say seriously and assuring them that their life matters
*Removing dangerous objects, such as guns and drugs
*Reach calling for help and staying with them until help arrives following up with them after the crisis is over

Warning Signs

*Unbearable emotional pain extremely anxious and sad, full of rage, or agitated
*Trapped, hopeless, empty, or that there is no reason to live
*severe fluctuations in mood or mood swings

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