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Alcohol Deaddiction

At Sukoon, we provide medical, psychological, and emotional support for alcohol and drug de-addiction. We offer empathetic care at every step of your journey to ensure a seamless and effective recovery from drug and alcohol deaddiction. We are equipped to assess and handle all levels of deaddiction-related complications, including delirium tremens, alcoholic hallucinosis, withdrawal seizures and more. We have built a safe space at our substance and alcohol rehabilitation centre for you or your loved ones to recover under the guidance of our top psychiatrists, psychologists and nurses. We follow a holistic approach towards alcohol deaddiction by charting a tailor-made treatment plan and organising regular therapies for alcoholism. We also have a highly equipped psychiatric ICU that offers a safe setting for stabilising and recovering in a comfortable and protected environment.

    Our ApproachAt Sukoon, we ensure you receive only the best treatment, regardless of how long it takes. Depending on your psychological tests and requirements, we plan a multi-pronged alcohol addiction treatment for you:
    Detoxification: One of the first steps of alcohol deaddiction is dealing with detoxification. Alcohol affects psychology as well as physiology. Our team is well-prepared to manage withdrawal symptoms during detoxification like tremors, increased heart rate, anxiety, etc.
    Deaddiction: As a part of alcohol deaddiction, we conduct regular assessments for motivation, share daily and weekly routines and organise therapy for alcoholism and substance abuse under the guidance of psychiatrists and psychologists.
    Maintenance and Aftercare: Once you achieve sobriety, we aim to empower you to stay on track without derailing at any juncture. We conduct weekly group and family therapy sessions at our alcohol rehabilitation centre to help you build interpersonal relationships that help accelerate your recovery.
    Relapse Prevention: Sobriety is a journey, not a destination. We help you recognise signs of relapse and cope with difficult situations to maintain positive outcomes. We regularly schedule follow-up discussions at our OPD centres to support you throughout your journey.

    Drug Deaddiction

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